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A Day of Remembrance

September 11, 2020 by admin

As we go out today, let us remember the men, women and children that perished on this day, 19 years ago. For they shall be remembered forever in our hearts.

On this day, 19 years ago. 2,996 souls from 78 countries worldwide perished when Terrorists used planes as a method of suicidal assault on the world trade center, the pentagon and a fourth that was thwarted by the brave men and women on board and crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania., being a multinational community, stands with those still mourning the loss of their family, friends and acquaintances.

DubbedEpisodes wishes you safe travels,

-DE Admins


Recent Downtime

August 7, 2020 by admin
Hey all,
There was some recent downtime on the site's video service. The downtime was caused by an API call from our end to their end. Apparently during our re-configuration we setup IPV6, but their service was using IPV4 and so our API call was erroneously thinking it wasn't the same user watching the video. This has been fixed.
Thank you all! DE Admins